EPIC Percussion

Something BIG is Happening Here!

April 7th, 2016

Hi everyone! There’s a lot of awesome things happening with EPIC Percussion right now, so let’s get right into it:

Premier Concert for the Northern Appalachian Wind Symphony

First thing on my mind right now, is tomorrow night’s concert. If you haven’t seen from my posts already tomorrow evening there will be a concert from the Northern Appalachian Wind Symphony! This is awesome! So many scholastic programs and other groups and ensembles have been cut in these recent years, here is a brand new group coming together and putting on a concert for the first time! I hope you come and see the concert and support the group! It takes such a huge effort from and hardcore dedication to take an idea to start a group like this and make it a reality. Lance Ohnmeiss and Dan Lamade have taken their dream and vision and had the courage the fortitude to make it a reality. For me personally, I am thankful for the opportunity to perform as a member of this group because it gives me a chance to perform good, challenging, wind-ensemble music! The coolest part for me though, is that Lance and Dan have been great to work with by partnering with us at EPIC and trusting us to manage the percussion section and allowing us to give some of our advanced students (more like graduates actually) an opportunity to be a part of such a high caliber group. I’m excited to grow this and expand on what I already have going with the marching percussion ensembles I work with. I hope you will take the time to come and see the group perform tomorrow night! You can get details and tickets by following this url:

Lyco Taiko is Coming to EPIC!

Next week, we have a special guest coming to EPIC Percussion, Urie Kline, who is putting on a hands on clinic and introduction to Japanese Taiko drumming! Urie Kline studied contemporary and classical Japanese drumming under Kenny Endo in Honolulu. Urie created Lyco Taiko in 2015 with the mission of spreading awareness and appreciation for the art of taiko throughout the Susquehanna Valley. We are very excited to have Urie and Lyco Taiko coming to EPIC Percussion for this very unique, fun and educational event! No musical experience is necessary; all ages are welcome! There is no charge, but we would ask that you would make a donation to our educational endeavors at EPIC Percussion if you attend that event. Details on this even can be found here:

WGI Percussion World Championships!

Last year EPIC Percussion directed the Penn State Indoor Drumline which competed internationally in the WGI circuit and locally in the TIA circuit. Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue that endeavor as we were lacking the financial support and means to really succeed at the level we were trying to get to. We also wanted to regroup a little and start building something from the ground up that had less limitations placed on it. This year, I’ve been very active judging in the local indoor drumline competition circuit, TIA. It has been great to get to see so many groups and to offer my knowledge and experience to them to hopefully help them grow and reach new levels! We have MANY former students and friends we want to wish good luck to who are competing in Dayton, Ohio next week. Good luck to everyone competing next week, but especially to: Matrix, Matrix Open, United Percussion, South County High School, Chantilly High School, Central Dauphin High School and Victor High School (and anyone I might have missed……there’s so many)! Then later this month, to all the groups competing at TIA championships in Wildwood, NJ!

Caballeros Competitive Season Getting Started!

In two weeks, after a very successful winter training/audition season, I am chomping at the bit to get started with the 2016 Caballeros Percussion section to begin putting our show on the field. The brass line has already begun; percussion joins them on the 23rd! Every position is filled, except for one marimba spot. If you know of someone who would like to get an awesome experience, for WAY less than what 99% of other comparable drum corps experiences cost, have them contact me at marc@epicpercussion.com immediately! They need to be experienced with Steven’s 4-mallet technique, and able to handle some aggressive and fun music! The contacts and friendships you will develop by joining this group are not comparable to anything I have ever seen or heard of. It is not easy, but it is one of the best things you could ever do, and the experiences and memories you will take with you will help you to succeed at anything you do in life! I cannot recommend this enough! This year will be a special one for members in this region as we perform in the first ever Williamsport – DCA Competition being held in August!

Other Endeavors!

There’s so many other things happening right now too, but this post will never end if I keep going. I’m excited about the new group of students we are putting together with the Williamsport High School drumline this year! My goal is to get 30 percussionists in the ensemble this year, and we are getting there! Right now we are already at 21!

I am also looking at putting together summer performance opportunities for our lesson students! I am hoping we will be invited to perform with one of the First Friday events, I’ll will post more details on that when I have them.

We are also seeking to expand our educational endeavors to include more adult students! If you have ever wanted to learn how to express yourself through music, wanted to play an instrument, want something that gives you an escape from the daily grind, something that will challenge you, help you meet new friends and impress your old friends, sign up for lessons now! We love working with students of all ages, but we are a little disappointed that we don’t have more adult students right now. I understand you have to pay the mortgage and life is more complicated as an adult, but it’s the only life you have. If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, or you already play and you want to expand your knowledge and skills, stop finding reasons not to! Email me at marc@epicpercussion.com or sign up at www.epicpercussion.com!

There’s so many talented people doing so many cool things related to percussion in this region right now. I feel it, something big is happening! I really think there’s about to be a percussion renaissance and EPIC Percussion will be at the center of it! In fact, I think it’s already started, with the DCA show coming to town, the new wind ensemble performing tomorrow night, so many of our students really starting to develop their skills and their passion for drumming…. somehow, all of it is connected and I really feel like something big is right around the corner for EPIC Percussion and the region! I hope you will support us by buying local and supporting our retail efforts, donating to our educational endeavors or even better, by signing up for lessons and starting your percussion journey! I hope someday, everyone has a drum and expresses their rhythm!

Thanks for reading my blog!