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Raffle Ticket for a White Sabers' Dynasty Custom Elite Marching Snare Drum

Hi everyone! This past Monday night the White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps were en-route to Maryland to do four parades, but unfortunately our charter bus broke down and we never made it. They weren’t able to get us a replacement bus in time, and we had to pull out of the parades. So, one of the biggest fundraising days of the season for us, turned into a day that cost the corps money, as we weren’t able to be refunded for the hotels we booked for the members. We were planning to do this raffle anyway, but now it’s somewhat urgent. We need your support! Plus, this drum is absolutely beautiful! Thanks to Dynasty and Remo for their continued support. Thank you for purchasing a raffle ticket and/or sharing this and spreading the word! Details about the raffle are explained in the link!