Fix these terrible stock percussion parts – package


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You bought your show, but like most years you’ve used stock arrangements, the percussion parts aren’t working. They’re too hard, or they don’t make a lot of sense, and the kids are struggling to memorize them. This is why we offer this service!

We’ve worked with bands that practice one hour a week to bands that practice twenty. For the bands that have limited time and not enough staff to give every student a lot of individual attention, so many times the percussion parts aren’t done very well to set the kids up to succeed. We’re here to help.

If you want a customized percussion arrangement and/or adjustments to fit your schedule or the kids’ skill sets, book us today! We want to help you provide your kids with the most fun and educational experience possible, and get rid of the frustration of parts that just don’t work for them.

We will discuss their ability level with you, and get the specifics of the instrumentation, so we can maximize the quality of your band and limit the frustration and endless adjustments.