New (but easy…promise!) process to submit video assignments – and a few other odds and ends

EPIC Community Update

About two weeks ago we made some crucial changes to our website – one of which changed the way the video assignment form is accessed, and was an update primarily for security. So, that said:

All users must be first logged into the website
to submit their video assignments and view the other lesson menu items which you are used to seeing.

The good news is, you already have a username and password! What? – haven’t yet logged into the website? Well – you’re missing out on some very cool things (like submitting your video assignment…shameless plug). You can also view the points leaderboard, see the number of points you have earned and see the percentage of progress you’ve made in becoming an EPIC Percussion ninja (master, guru…and so on).

It Disappeared!

Ways to retrieve your username and password:

  • Go to the login page and select “Lost you password?” – you are able to log in with your email address – will be the same one that appears in Basecamp. You may also use your username if you know that.
  • Message me on Basecamp – I should be pretty quick to answer

And while I have you…

If you have not enrolled in our slick, fully online membership subscription, it’s not too late! Those who have completed the subscription process (again, fast and easy) will be slotted with the preferred times we have available for lessons every month.

  • You likely have already completed the membership form – but if not, you can do so here. That will walk you through the entire process.
  • If you need to only complete the subscription part – here’s your link. You can choose from lessons only or include sticks & mallets or a drumset!

And for something we think you’re really going to like…

Ask us about the shiny, new, revamped, custom, and a lot of other adjectives, curriculum. Marc has been working pretty much all hours to get this rolled out, and Zach, Brittany and team are working on all sorts of media to be included from our new video studio set up at EPIC!

Some of you have already been getting a sneak peak!

Thanks everyone for being truly EPIC! There isn’t a better community of people and I’m happy to be getting through these tough, but exciting times with everyone