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EPIC Schedule Updates & This Week's Masterclass Topic

Snare drumming on drum padGreeting Everyone!

I certainly hope you’re all warm and your new year is started off right. I wanted to drop a quick note to all of you with the details of our new schedule and upcoming masterclass for those who weren’t able to attend last Friday’s masterclass.

Details of the new schedule and how our program will work for this semester:

By now you may have logged into MyMusicStaff and have seen the various classes in which students are enrolled. This is to maximize the learning of percussion methods and concepts and to help students and families steer their program to their own personal interests. There are two sessions which we certainly recommend students attend: Ensemble and Percussion Concepts. Those two classes are scheduled to be in the same evening whenever possible. You certainly are not required to attend every session on your schedule (but you’re certainly welcome to!). Office hours will also be available every week which you may schedule through MyMusicStaff for individual assistance. None of this is at any extra charge.

A brief description of all the classes:

Ensemble – These are the groups designed for performances (First Friday, Little League Parade, masterclasses, concerts, etc). This is the practical application of what is learned (and the reason we do it, right?)

Percussion Concepts – These classes teach the nuts and bolts of percussion performance, music reading, sight reading, rhythm, pitch, and all the various elements to grow as a musician.

Drum Set Class – Focus specifically on drum set performance

Mallet Class  – All the mallet-keyboard instruments (marimba, vibraphone, etc)

Masterclass – A once weekly peer-to-peer performance, clinic and topics discussed by all sorts of percussionists, and the first time new news will be announced each week – Fridays at 6pm

Other offerings this semester (let us know if you or your student are not placed in one of these but would like to be):

-Theory and Composition

-Audition Prep (college, PMEA, etc)

-Marching Percussion Methods

This Week’s Masterclass, 1/16, 6pm – EVERYONE WELCOME-

“Perfect Practice Makes Perfect” – hosted by me (Ryan)

We’ll go over our best (and worst) practice habits…even my own! Also look at drawing out a path for your own personal success. It’s like going to the gym, but without the large equipment and odor.

Announcement Teaser –

  • Patches are back…in a big way!
  • More useful web content
  • EPIC Gamification (yes, it’s a word…and you’re going to love it.)

As always, please feel free to call, email, text, drop by or send a signal flare. We’re excited for the new year and are excited to share it with you.