EPIC Live is Alive!

Hi everyone, 

We’re ready to roll with online lessons now. So here’s how this will work:

Go to epicpercussion.com, go to the Lessons drop down menu, and then click on Live Virtual Lessons. You can do this with a phone, iPad, or a computer. If you need help setting it up, you can access the instructional video by going to our website and clicking Zoom Session Tutorial which is also under the Lessons menu tab. 

What the students should have for their lessons: Just sticks,a pad, and a metronome. 

The live sessions will be like check-ins. The audio/video quality isn’t perfect, but it will give us a way to interact in real time with the students. To help with this, we have also set up a way for students to submit videos to us to get feedback from a higher quality video. All they have to do is upload a video to YouTube, go the epicpercussion.com and click on lessons.  There is a video submission form, all we need is your name and the url to the video. You can keep the YouTube videos private, just make sure that it’s set so that anyone with the url can view it.  Every Friday we will give detailed feedback on the videos. You can send us videos on what we’re working on in lessons, or anything else you’re working on with your drumming. If you have trouble figuring out how to upload YouTube videos, let us know and we can help. 

We are also going to be uploading a lot of videos on our YouTube channel, which you can also access easily from our website. Just click the YouTube link on our website. We’re just starting to do this, so today and tomorrow there might not be a lot there yet, but as we go we will keep adding more and more.  We will also specify which lesson groups the videos would be for. This will be where we post detailed videos of a higher quality than the Zoom sessions about what we’re working on and giving detailed instructions about it. 

For the sessions, I have everyone in two, on different days and times. You don’t have to attend both if you don’t want to, but the more you can drum with us the better. I just tried to have as many opportunities to check in as possible.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at marc@epicpercussion.com, you can message me on Basecamp, or you can text me/call me at 570-360-2090.