3/15 Status Update!

Hi EPIC nation! 

Tomorrow am I’ll be posting a video explaining all of this in detail.  We will also send out emails and text messages, about what’s happening going forward with lessons. 

We took the weekend to regroup and figure out what we’re doing during this virus situation. We are going to move fully online, and do Zoom sessions with the students.  On our website is a link to our YouTube channel. Every week we will be uploading instructional videos for what we will be working on in lessons.  The lessons with be group sessions with a small group of students who are at about the same skill level. We will post that schedule tomorrow am as well. Each session will happen 2 or 3 times a week. You can join on one, or all of them, depending on your schedule. We also have created a video submission form on our website, where our students can upload videos to get feedback on things they are working on.  I’ll go over all of this in a video I’ll post tomorrow. 

I do also want to say that this is a tough situation for everyone and we understand. We’re very stressed that this will potentially put EPIC out of business, as well as many other small businesses in the region. We’re asking for your support and that you hang with us in these times. If you are having issues due to being laid off or anything related to what’s happening, let us know. We don’t want to lose students or see our community suffer because of this, and we will do everything we can to make it to the other side even stronger than before. Don’t hesitate to reach out, text us at 570-360-2090 or email any of our staff. All of our contact information is on our website (which btw, if you haven’t seen it recently, check it out!) epicpercussion.com. 

Stay safe and healthy and let’s drum! 


The EPIC Team