EPIC Percussion


Hi everyone!

I’m very excited for what we are doing this year at EPIC Percussion!  One of our goals is to start a blog where we talk about what’s going on at EPIC Percussion, what’s new in the percussive arts, and sharing some of our thoughts and ideas with you!

So far in 2016, we have established our official Mission Statement!  Check it out!

At EPIC Percussion it is our mission to build an active and growing community of passionate percussionists.

We will bring the best and most unique percussion-related activities, events, products, and educational opportunities to our region and beyond.

Within EPIC Percussion’s walls we will establish a place of belonging, fun and inspiration for percussionists of every age and ability.

In these ways, we are more than a music store or a studio, but a guild of passionate musicians.

This year we plan on organizing and focusing our energy on the things that really matter to us.  Up until this point, we’ve been growing and figuring it out as we go.  Now we feel we are in a place where we can really start planning ahead and creating something special!

We have 35 students in our studio now!  A far cry from the 2 or 3 that started taking lessons at the end of 2013, and our goal is to have 85 by the end of this year. Education is going to be a major focus area of ours going forward.  We have been hard at work renovating and improving our lesson space and materials.  We enroll students from 5 years old and up.  One goal we have is to get some adult classes going this year.

We are planning on bringing in some new clinicians. Todd Sucherman was a huge success last year.  We will be bringing in Rich Redmond (the drummer for Jason Aldean) sometime in May.  We will get more details out about that when we have them.  One thing we are working on is having him stay the entire day after the clinic and booking private lessons for anyone interested in learning 1 on 1 from a seasoned pro in our studio.  We are also working with his sponsors on offering great prizes and giveaway at the clinic.

We are also excited with educational projects outside of the studio.  We are continuing to work with the Hawthorne Caballeros percussion section, the Williamsport Marching Millionaires, the Montoursville Warriors Marching Band, the Hamilton West Marching Band, the Corning High School Marching Band and the concert percussion ensembles at Williamsport Middle School and Montoursville High School.  If you would like us to work with your program, or if you are interested in having us design your show, contact us!

A project we are working on that we are VERY stoked about, is helping the Williamsport Band Association and the school district host their first Drum and Bugle Corps competition this August!  Stay tuned for updates on that!

This winter I am proud to start judging indoor percussion for TIA after a few years off!  I can’t wait to offer whatever help and guidance I can to assist the programs within TIA reach new levels.

I hate to keep saying we are excited, but we are…VERY excited about some of the new products we will be offering in our store this year.  Pearl and Dixon have already come out with some awesome new gear this year: All-Maple Kits for under $700!?!? Pretty sick.  We are also working on bringing in some new major brands that haven’t seen this area.  Much more to come on all that later!

If you haven’t been in to EPIC Percussion, come in and check us out!  We really put a lot of time into our new mission, and we mean what we say.  Our goal is to become THE place for percussionists to hang out.  We want to build and expand on a community of percussionists! And if you do decide to buy gear from us, you are supporting us to be able to bring in more clinicians, offer better education to our students and helping us achieve our mission.  NO ONE would appreciate your business more, or put it to better use.

Please keep checking back for weekly updates on what’s happening at EPIC Percussion!


Happy drumming,